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Doug Machado

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Doug Machado was born and raised in Woodland Hills Ca. He moved to the central valley where he worked as a firefighter for Modesto Fire Department for 24 years. As a firefighter he was promoted as the lead Arson Investigator for the Arson Unit. He was in the arson unit for the last 7 years of his career. During the 24 years in the fire department Doug also taught Fire Investigation classes at ****Modesto Jr.** **College****.

Doug also worked as a General Contractor for the past 20+ years. In 2010 Doug retired from the fire department and returned to Woodland Hills, Ca. where he pursued his passion in martial arts and is obtaining his 3rd Black Belt. Doug is now the general manager of Malibu Gym. Doug takes pride in everything he does and cherishes each relationship he makes with members and staff

Elizabeth Simonton

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Elizabeth Simonton is a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and has been a local Malibu resident for the past 28 years. Having grown up in a family that owned and operated a health organization, it was at a very early age that Elizabeth realized the importance of physical activity and the power of movement. Her father, Dr. Carl Simonton, an oncologist and the founder of the world famous Simonton Cancer Center, was a firm believer that the level of stress in a person’s life, and the ways in which an individual manages that stress is directly related to one’s health. One of Dr. Simonton’s favorite activities to relieve stress and stimulate the immune system was through movement and exercise. Elizabeth adopted these beliefs and teaches the benefits of exercise and the habits of a heathy lifestyle today. Elizabeth has always had a fierce passion for athletics and excelled in softball and volleyball as a teenager, but has now shifted her focus to the outdoor sport of rock climbing. An accomplished climber, Elizabeth has spent much of the past four years exploring the mountains in the Eastern Sierras as well as the local Santa Monica Mountains. Elizabeth knows what it takes to maintain a healthy and functional body, so whether you are a trained athlete or someone that has never set foot in a gym, Elizabeth will do her very best to make you feel comfortable so that you have the opportunity to excel. Elizabeth works with her clients on all aspects of health and fitness, from nutrition and weight management to strength training and endurance. With Elizabeth as your personal trainer you will experience nothing less than a total transformation with an increase in strength, stamina and energy, and the knowledge to maintain these changes throughout your lifetime.

Emmanuel Bujold

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Manny Bujold, a 7 time Sport Karate World Champion and 5th Degree Black Belt, began his Martial Arts career at the age of 5. Now with 27 years of experience, Manny has dedicated his life to martial arts and the fitness world.

Manny is known for his expertise as a celebrity personal trainer and his no non-sense, “in your face” training style. With his motivational approach to exercise and fitness, his clients see results not only in muscle tone, weight and athletic ability, but also in improved health and overall well being. Manny’s clients are extremely enthusiastic about his ability to push them beyond their limits and achieve results very quickly.

In addition to Martial Arts and Personal Fitness, Manny is also a nationally certified Massage Therapist with over 10 years experience.


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Geoff has been teaching Pilates since 2005 and has been trained by both STOTT & Balanced Body University. His expertise includes teaching all levels of Pilates including restorative and post-rehab training.

- ACE Certified Personal Trainer
- Certified Pilates Instructor (STOTT, - - Balanced Body trained )
- 200 hour registered Yoga Instructor
- NASM Certified Personal Trainer
- CPR/AED Certified

I have evolved personally as a fitness trainer as I expanded my expertise. I began by focusing on traditional forms of fitness training such as cardio and resistance training. My extensive training in Pilates and Yoga enables me to incorporate a holistic approach. My experiences give me a broader, longer term view of health and fitness. My work has given me great gifts in the form of lasting relationships with clients.

JoAnn Fletcher

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With over twenty years of experience as a fitness trainer, JoAnn Lynne is an icon in the health and fitness arena. Armed with a positive attitude and a winning smile, she inspires her clients to achieve their goals of living a happy, healthy lifestyle.

A cancer survivor, JoAnn is successful at overcoming obstacles. With a unique combination of proper nutrition and effective exercise programs, she has helped inspire her clients to live a healthier lifestyle. JoAnn understands the psychological and practical barriers facing those starting a program of any nature and offers simple strategies to help her clients understand their potential from a physical, mental, and emotional perspective.

JoAnn attended Long Beach State University, where she graduated with a degree in Nutritional Sciences. JoAnn is master certified as a personal trainer specializing in sport performance, core fitness and Pilates.

In 2006 JoAnn founded Core Fitness Pilates Studio at the Malibu Gym. Today with her busy schedule of managing Core Fitness and her private clients, she still finds time to support special causes. In 2007, JoAnn founded Pilates for Pink a fund-raiser event at the Malibu Gym that has raised over $75,000 for Breast Cancer Foundation

She lives the life she teaches. As a strong competitor in marathons, triathlons, cycling and surfing JoAnn holds many fitness competition titles. Her special achievements include hiking Kilimanjaro, the Grand Canyon - rim to rim and the Trans Challege a 500 mile cycle in the Pyrenees.

JoAnn has years of personal training experience and continues her education in Sports Nutrition at UCLA, Pilates Method Alliance Conferences and Balance Body Clay Anatomy Certification to name a few. She assists physical therapists with rehabilitating injuries and has trained the Pepperdine Womens Tennis Team in Pilates and mat Pilates.

Lynn Jacob

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Certified Pilates Instructor
I have been actively doing Pilates for 15 years and instructing for 7 years. I love teaching Pilates in either a group setting or private setting with clients that are on a mission to become stronger after sustaining an injury or just have the desire to stay well balanced. Having a strong core and moving in all the different planes consistently on a daily basis is so important to living an injury free life. I have studied with some of the most respected teachers in the industry: Rael Isacowitz, Brent Anderson, Kelly Altounian and Andromeda Stevens at The Pilates Sports Center. I am constantly attending continuing education classes in order to keep up with the latest educational techniques. I combine both classical and progressive styles of Pilates instruction.

Certified TRX Instructor- TRX is such an awesome workout which utilizes your own body weight. It is the perfect compliment to spinning, weight training, and Pilates.

Certified Spin Instructor- What a great way to burn calories and sweat in one class and listen to fun music and get energized.

Mary Faherty

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Mary has been involved in fitness for over 30 years since starting in dance and dance choreography in high school, then while in college at UCLA, participating, reviewing and writing about group aerobics classes for a sports magazine. Having been an avid runner too, Mary has participated in many 3K's and 5K's for various causes over the years, Mary believes that everyone should find their own groove when it comes to fitness. Try new and different things, but always do what you love--she often advises her clients and it should be fun because that's what will motivate you to keep going! Mary had been a tireless and devoted cardio kickbox student for several years before deciding to teach it herself. "Cardio kickboxing offers all of the things I enjoy in a workout and gets me the results I want fast! It incorporates: dance, choreography, martial arts, boxing, and most importantly, MUSIC. And during the hour that I'm either teaching the class or participating in another class, I've worked almost every muscle in my body, improved bone density, muscle mass, increased metabolism, challenged my brain and I sweat like crazy. There is no other workout I enjoy more!" Mary is an AFTA certified trainer and cardio-kickbox instructor and teaches on Mondays at 9:30am and on Sundays at 10:15am. If you'd like to be pushed and are looking to change-up your regimen and want a real challenge with real results, check out her classes!

Oscar Best

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Oscar Best is a certified trainer with the National Health Club Association. He has been training for the last 18 years in Southern California after leaving NYC where he danced professionally with the Dance Theatre of Harlem. Oscar began his career in fitness in the 1980‘s by working with the National Tennis Health Club Association, certifying aerobic instructors. Oscar moved to Malibu, Ca. in 2008 and has worked with various clients including professional athletes and entertainers rehabilitating injuries to strengthening and toning bodies. With the combination of his advanced background in dance, Oscars goal is to strengthen, tone muscles and to add balance and agility to one’s movement. One of Oscars major concerns with clients is mobility. Oscar stresses in his workouts the combination of core strengthening movements and yoga.

Pierre Dahbour

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Pierre studied Kinesiology at Arizona State University, has his personal training degree from the American Academy of Personal Training, is a kinesiology taping specialist, an integrated stretching specialist, is TRX certified, and is Prenatal/Postpartum certified.

Sean Eastwood

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Education & Certifications:
California State University Northridge
Bachelor of Science
National Strength & Conditioning Association
Certified Personal Trainer
University of California Los Angeles
Certified Fitness Instructor
American Red Cross
Certified CPR/AED

Areas of Specialization:
Strength Training & Body Building
Circuit Training & Weight Loss
Sport Specific & Functional Training

Fitness & Health Philosophy:
ANALYZE your goals OPTIMIZE your training MAXIMIZE your results

Personal Quote:
“There are no limits, only plateaus. Act, Plan, and Believe in what you can achieve.”

Steffani Grant-Pugh

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Tyson Dexter

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The Malibu Gym is truly like a second home to me. Its members are second to none, and there is no other place I would rather work out.

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